Betrayal 2: The Voyage South

The Voyage South is the second scenario in the Betrayal at the Mountains of Madness campaign, a player-made cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

This article contains mild spoilers for the scenario. If you’d rather play it without spoilers, you can find a Tabletop Simulator mod and printable cards here.

“Stayed on deck till midnight. The sun just dipped below the southern horizon. The scene was incomparable. The northern sky was gloriously rosy and reflected in the calm sea between the ice, which varied from burnished copper to salmon pink; bergs and pack to the north had a pale greenish hue with deep purple shadows, the sky shaded to saffron and pale green. We gazed long at these beautiful effects.”
-Captain RF Scott, Journal

All Aboard

Escaping Boston, the investigators become aware of the origin of the attacks – Antarctica itself. No American expeditions are planned this year, so they travel to Argentina to meet up with the Ahnenerbe expedition who are finalising supplies and preparations. Selling themselves as veteran explorers of great value, the investigators board the Herman Wirth and soon find themselves on a ship full of Nazis heading for the ice.

All seems calm aboard ship, although the military presence is unusually heavy for a supposedly scientific expedition. With six weeks to wait on the long voyage south, the investigators turn themselves to finding out what the Nazis are really up to. Can they evade the attentions of SS-Colonel Bauer long enough to uncover the expedition’s secrets? The story of the expedition’s goals – and perhaps eventual fate – is told through 21 location story cards which the players will have to work hard to earn.

But there are worse things than even Nazis beneath the waters, and when a mysterious radio signal is detected broadcasting from Antarctica, the investigators’ veteran instincts tell them it’s going to be a fight to even make it to the continent.

Professor Downs and Bishop Mateo find themselves aboard a ship full of Nazis heading for the Antarctic. The SD agent on board is the least of their concerns.

Seven locations form the ship, but each location has three stages, with each stage having story text on the reverse. During Act 1, turns represent a week’s activity on board as the investigators try to covertly explore without drawing the attention of the SD agent that has been sent along on the expedition to ensure loyalty.

How to Play

See instructions in the main article.

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