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AHLCG: Arkham Horror: The Card Game: The Soundtrack

Herein can be found a complete Youtube soundtrack for the core set and all campaigns up to and including Innsmouth. They are ambient tracks, intended to be looped, rather than a playlist of music.

In cases where the tone changes radically at a certain point, I’ve provided another option to switch to. Sometimes there’s a music track and an accompanying ambient sound track. Usually one drowns out the other at full volume so I’ve suggested a relative volume percentage to lower one to.

I’d love to know what you think of the choices I’ve made, in particular whether you agree with the “tone” of a particular scenario.

Remember you can right click and choose “Loop” in Youtube to infinitely loop the music (assuming they haven’t removed the feature again by the time you read this).

Night of the Zealot

The Gathering

Explore the Ruins

The Midnight Masks

From the Vault of the Miskatonic University

The Devourer Below

Decay, Death and Darkness

The Dunwich Legacy

The Dunwich soundtrack focuses mostly on quiet ambience appropriate to the location and doesn’t include much “horror” music.

Extracurricular Activities

Yog-Sothoth 1

The House Always Wins

Agenda 1

Jazz Noir
Room Ambience (70% volume)

Alternative Agenda 1 Music

1920s Instrumental Music

Agenda 3

Crypt Combat

The Miskatonic Museum

Creepy Haunted House Music

The Essex County Express

Scary Howling Wind

Blood on the Altar

Haunted Town Creepy Ambience
Road Through The Dark Forest (30% volume)

Undimensioned and Unseen

Shub-Niggurath 2

Where Doom Awaits

Fallen Gods and Burning Empires

Lost In Time And Space

Yog-Sothoth Sounds

The Path to Carcosa

The Carcosa soundtrack focuses on horror music which fits the emotional tone of the scenario. There are some tracks here which could be considered anachronistic. In my opinion this fits well with the themes of madness and distortion in the cycle, but they might not be to everyone’s tastes.

Curtain Call

Gentle Rain (30% volume)
Nightmare Music

The Last King

Scary Dark Ambient (deleted)
Mental Jail

Echoes of the Past

Abandoned Castles and Forgotten Temples

The Unspeakable Oath

Psychiatric Hospital Creepy Sounds
Mental Jail (50% volume)

A Phantom Of Truth

Nightmare Introduction

Dark Ambient


Lower ‘Dark Ambient’ to about 20%.
Danse Macabre

If you feel strongly that Phantom should have organ music, disable ‘Dark Ambient’ and try Opus 200

The Pallid Mask

Possessed – Ambient Dark (deleted)
Stealth Music – Catacombs

Black Stars Rise

Agenda 1

Rain (Set this to around 50% volume)
The King In Yellow

Agenda 2 (either of them)

Thunderstorm (Set this to around 50% volume)
Epic Horror Music

Dim Carcosa

Act 1

The King In Yellow (Psyclopean)

Act 3

Epic Intense Scary Horror Music

The Forgotten Age

The Forgotten Age soundtrack focuses on the immersive ambience of the locations, especially the jungles and ruins.

The Untamed Wilds

Mysterious Jungle (40% volume)
Shub-Niggurath 1

(Premade Mashup)

Doom of Eztli

Dark Dungeon Music

Threads of Fate

From the Vault of the Miskatonic University

The Boundary Beyond

Occult Ritual Music

Heart of the Elders – Part 1

Mysterious Jungle (40% volume)
Shub-Niggurath 1

(Premade Mashup)

Heart of the Elders – Part 2

Dark Dungeon Music

The City of Archives

Alien Abduction Music

The Depths of Yoth

Darkest Dungeon Combat Music

Shattered Aeons

Azathoth 2

The Circle Undone

The Circle Undone soundtrack focuses on gothic ambience.

Disappearance at the Twilight Estate

Gothic Ambient (deleted)
Sephiroth – Dark Father

The Witching Hour

Road Through The Dark Forest

At Death’s Doorstep

Gothic Ambient (deleted)
Sephiroth – Dark Father

The Secret Name

Disturbed and Twisted

Wages of Sin

Abandoned Cemetery

The Greater Good

Gothic Choirs and Ancient Cults

Union & Disillusion

Possession (deleted)
The Great Old Ones and Other Beings

In the Clutches of Chaos

The One Reborn

Before the Black Throne


The Dream-Eaters

The Dream-Eaters soundtrack focuses in particular on the tonal differences between the two sub-campaigns.

Beyond the Gates of Sleep

Spooky Music & Magical Music

Waking Nightmare

The Witch of Hemwick

The Search for Kadath

Act 1 / The Skai






Forbidden Lands


Timeless Realm / Ooth-Nargai


A Thousand Shapes of Horror

Abandoned Cemetery

Dark Side of the Moon

Fat Moon

Point of No Return

Gates of the Underworld

Where the Gods Dwell

Act 1

Plateau of Leng

Act 2

Treachery of Nyarlathotep

Weaver of the Cosmos

The Witch of Hemwick

The Innsmouth Conspiracy

Pit of Despair

The Shadow Over Innsmouth (Plowman)

Vanishing of Elena Harper

The Shadow Over Innsmouth (Lopez)

In Too Deep

Innsmouth (Plowman)

Devil Reef

Evening at Innsmouth

Horror in High Gear

Jazz Against The Machine – Roots Bloody Roots

Mellower Alternative: Beware Car Chase Music

A Light in the Fog

Ocean Thunderstorm (set to about 30%)
From the Depths (set to 100%)

(Preset Mashup)

Lair of Dagon

Dark Gothic Music of Old Ruins and Ancient Temples

Into the Maelstrom


Edge of the Earth

Ice and Death

Cold Journeys in Uninhabitable Lands

Fatal Mirage

Eldritch Anamnesis

To the Forbidden Peaks

Howling Wind through the Mountain Pass

City of the Elder Things

Winter Dungeon Music

The Heart of Madness

Music for Rituals and Shamanistic Journeys


Curse of the Rougarou

Halloween Haunted Swamp Ambience (50% volume)
The Witch’s Curse

Carnevale of Horror

Act 1

Joyful Festival

Act 3

Ocean Sounds

The Eternal Slumber

Act 1

Egyptian Music

Act 2

Nyarlathotep 1

The Night’s Usurper

Act 1

Nyarlathotep 2

Act 2

Nyarlathotep 3

Murder at the Excelsior Hotel

Murder Mystery Music

(This track isn’t great because it doesn’t loop properly, but I haven’t been able to find anything else with the exact right tone.)

The Blob that Ate Everything

Act 1

Destination Moon: Finale

Act 2

The Deadly Mantis: Winged Death

Betrayal at the Mountains of Madness

Betrayal at the Mountains of Madness is my own campaign. The music tracks here are the ones I played while playtesting to get myself in the right emotional tone for the scenario.

Boston Red Line

Crypts Combat

In the Company of Monsters

Agenda 1

Olympische Hymne

If the quality, topic or date makes you uncomfortable, try Bismarck War Theme

Agenda 2

Combat Suit

Cold Heart

Cold Journeys in Uninhabitable Lands

Frostbound Cenotaph

Music from Forgotten Hospitals

Mainline to the Mountains of Madness

Mona Lisa Overdrive

City of the Elder Things

Black Star

Judgement at the Dark Tower

I’m Scared And I Know Why

The End of the Earth

Sound of the End

2 thoughts on “AHLCG: Arkham Horror: The Card Game: The Soundtrack

  1. Diego Torres

    I hace recently discovered Arkham Horror and your soundtracks selection is fantastic.
    Thanks for your work.


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